Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just a Jam Sesh

Even though I may have gotten raspberry juice on my shirt, it was still a pretty good day.  Any day is a good day though when I get to hang out with my grandparents.  We've gotten pretty close this summer as I go and help clean, paint, or work in the garden.  GranNorma has been telling me for ages that she was going to teach me how to make jam.  Today was the day.

At the end of the day my grandpa gave me a B+ in Jam for Beginners.  I probably didn't get an A on account of splattering the berries, my stirring form, and over-filling one of the bottles.  But, hey, we're not all professionals the first time around, however I still think it turned out pretty great.   

Here's the proof:

 First we heated the jars and lids.

Then Norma showed me really how much sugar goes into jam... no wonder I love it so much.

Because she's brilliant and freezes her excess berries, she can make jam all year round.

Somewhere between the last photo and this one I splattered the berries on my shirt.

Then we stirred in the pectin with a pinch of butter.

Stir to a boil.

Make sure you have an expert on hand.

 Because it never hurts to have a shoulder angel.

 Make sure you are stirring, not whipping.  Whipping is bad form, however, popping your pinky might make up for it.

 While stirring, pour in sugar.

 Make sure to get all the lumps out.

 Then borrow my grandpa to help you seal the jars. 

Proceed until you've canned it all. 

 And voila!  You're the proud owner of some fine preserves!
Wife potential points.  Just sayin'.

Also, while flipping through an old cookbook I found a recipe submitted to the Lakeland Ward cookbook by my namesake! Looks like I was bound to be a master cook. 

So, cross that off of the summer bucket list!

And, speaking of that...

Cross this off too:

 Caleb took me on a date and we stopped by the carnival to cross something else off of the list.

I'm happy to say I was with him as he took his very first Ferris Wheel ride.  It only took 23 years!

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  1. You made jam with GranNorma?!?!?!? That was the best jam we ever had!!!

    Miss ya Syd! I can't wait for you to be back in Cedar. Glad to see you and Caleb took a Ferris Wheel ride :)