Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good News with some Peanut Butter on top

First off I'd like to say, "Thank you Heavenly Father for sending the world George Washington Carver. My life would not be complete without him." You see, George Washington Carver was the inventor of peanut butter. I find that in my old age I love peanut butter more and more everyday. I just ate a PB & Banana sandwich, and boy did it hit the spot. Without peanut butter there would be no Reeces products, including cups, pieces, puffs, fastbreaks, sticks, or seasonal Santas, eggs, or pumpkins. Without these things, I might pass away.

Moving on. I got the job I applied for at Seven Peaks this summer. Yeah, Go Bessie! I just found out that they are even willing to work with me so I don't have to go home during finals week to get trained. Someone loves me. Thanks again, Heavenly Father. My life just simplified 50%. Also, shout-out to Emilie Wright for helping me get the job. She's the best!

In other news: At the beginning of the school year, I saw this boy walking down the street. I said to myself, "this is a classy kid. You should be friends with him." This boy is Edwin Herrera. Good news, I did become friends with him thanks to Josevy (who is also a classy kid.) Last night I took Edwin on a date with me to the AAPAA's aka the American Academy of Presidential Ambassador Awards. It was one of the funnest nights of my college experience. I won the award for "most colorful" and my trophy was a gold spray-painted can of easy cheese. I think it's toxic. Probably the best part of the night was when I picked Edwin up. His roommate Scott (Jamie's date) answered the door, and we entered. Soon, Eddie came into the room. He was wearing a bow tie. Yes, a bow tie. If you know anything about my grandpa, you know he wore a bow tie every day of his teaching life. Hence, bow ties hold a special place in my heart. This was a sign that it would be a good date, and it was!
What's that? You want pictures? Okay!
Boy, do I love this kid. Shout-out to Edwin for being super fly. I'm going to miss him loads when he goes on his mission. Speaking of which, I'm going to have like a total to 2 guy friends that carry over to next year because they're all going on missions. Don't get me wrong! I completely and fully 100% support their leaving to go on missions, but I'll be sad we can't hang out every weekend for two full years. However, I will prevail :)

Another thing I wanted to mention, I love walking to class when the sun is out! It is such a great way to start my day. Not only does it automatically make me smile, but I can see that other people are happier too, and they pass their smiles onto me. Also, I was thinking about today how the sun is a symbol of Christ or "the Son." It makes perfect sense because He is the ultimate source of light, He brings warmth to my hearth, and He automatically makes me happy when he is present in my life. But not only that, I see that reflected in other people too! Christ makes people's lives happier, that's all there is to it. I know that is true. I love Him, He is my Savior and Redeemer. I am so grateful to have Him as such a huge part of my life. Thanks again, Heavenly Father for knowing that about me, and fulfilling my needs.

Overall, there are so many tender mercies happening in my life right now. I know I could easily overwhelm myself with finals week coming up, but it's hard to be grumpy when I see Heavenly Father's hand in everything I do. I truly am a highly blessed individual.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nearer to Thee

I realized a long time ago that music is a very influential thing in my life. I'm not incredibly musically inclined, however just like many of you, music tends to get stuck in my head very easily. It's not like I listened to music labeled "parental advisory" or "explicit," but after a lesson in seminary I started to pay closer attention to the words. I was surprised at how suggestive some of the lyrics got, and made a goal to listen to better music. This is something I've never regretted.

This last Sunday as I was heading back to Cedar I was listening to "Soft Sunday Sounds" on FM100, which is the classiest station out there. While I was driving, the song "I Will Rest in You" by Mindy Gledhill came on. I realized how much I loved that song, and then thought about my other religious favorites. I think my top three (non-hymn) favorites are, "Beautiful to Him," by Rachael Thibodeau "I Am," by Nichole Nordeman and "I Will Rest in You" by Mindy Gledhill, as I mentioned before. All three of these have strengthened my relationship with and faith in the Savior so much. I know He loves me, and I love Him. The power of good music is so evident in my life, and I'm so grateful for it.

Here are a few really good quotes from under music.

"Music is given of God to further his purposes. Sweet melodies mellow the souls of men and help prepare them for the gospel. After men receive the truth, songs of praise to Deity help to sanctify and cleanse their souls." -- Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine (1966), 521

"We get nearer to the Lord through music than perhaps through any other thing except prayer." -- President J. Reuben Clark Jr., in Conference Report, Oct. 1936, 111

"Music is truly the universal language, and when it is excellently expressed how deeply it moves our souls." -- President David O. McKay, in Conference Report, Apr. 1945, 119

"The most effective preaching of the gospel is when it is accompanied by beautiful, appropriate music." -- President Harold B. Lee, in Conference Report, Apr. 1973, 181

So here's a shout-out to all of the musicians in the world who provide uplifting music and help make the world more pleasant. Thank you!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Step aside Swedish Fish

This weekend was a double whammie. Not only was it Easter Sunday, but it was also what we, of the LDS religion, call General Conference. Yes, most of you are probably familiar with this (especially because I only have 2 followers, and they're both LDS). I have always loved G.C. not only because we get to listen to revelation from church authorities, but also because of these babies.... Swedish Pancakes!

These are special because my Pa only makes them on very special occasions. I can recollect only a few times that I've eaten Swedish Pancakes not on General Conference. Once my dad had to work over my birthday, and I was extremely upset. While Dad usually makes a special b-day breakfast, he made me Swedish Pancakes for me the next day to make up for missing my day. Next my cousins and I had a sleepover at my grandparents, and we convinced G-pa to make them, of course he loved us enough to give in. Last, Pop made them for my mom's first official Young Woman's presidency meeting. Needless to say, they're practically sacred in the Landeen family, right up there with horseshoe tournaments.

The next thing you need to know about these, is that you're not a true Landeen until you can eat 12. My record is 17... I think it's a family-wide record too. Once you've eaten, you're pretty much filled for the whole day. They are a blessed food. I love them.

Back to G.C. I love it too. Seriously, It's so refreshing to listen to counsel from Men and Women who are so close to Heavenly Father and His spirit. There is nothing better than receiving answers to questions that you've been pondering through the Lord's mouthpieces. This conference was particularly good because I stayed awake for all four sessions, which usually doesn't happen. Not because it's not interesting, but because being cozied up on the couch next to your mom with the sounds of the Elder's soothing voices in the background, it just tends to lull you to sleep, you know? Anyway, I didn't let that happen because I was focused on being spiritually fed. I wish I could adequately express how I feel about General Conference.

My life is good, really good. Now if only the snow would leave for about 8 months, then I'd be ecstatic!