Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello Montreal

Sister Landeen is now in Montreal. She is currently in a singles ward and loving it. Her new companion is Sister Smith.

She had to go to the dentist

Splits with the sisters

Sydnie has become Sister Training Leader. Sydnie has become Sister Training Leader. she's doing fantastic and wants you all to send her a letter or something so she knows you're still alive ;).

Goodbye Fallowfield

Sister Tribe and Syd and their investigator Benjamin.

They don't have tator-tots in Canada so they had to improvise for tator-tot casserole :)

Whatever that is...

Saying goodbye to Sister Tribe

 Seeing her old companion, Sister Orozco again

 Elder Botello again at transfers
An albino squirrel she saw at trasnfers

Syd's former companion from Fallowfield Sister Tribe and Benjamin, a man that they taught together, at his baptism.