Saturday, August 17, 2013

Love is a Fallowfield

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've just been super lazy about it and I apologize. Syd is now in an area called Fallowfield, this is the closest to home that she will be.  The Ward boundary is the western boundary of the mission. She lives in a suburb of Ottawa, Ontario. Her companion is currently Sister Tribe, from Ogden. They get along pretty great. She loves Fallowfield and the people there.

This is Sister Landeen and Elder Jeremmi Botello, who is one of her friends from SUU, on June transfers.  She got the keys to a brand new car and picked up her greenie in Montreal.  Then a 3 hour drive to Ontario.  Thank goodness for the new GPS.

A beautiful Sunday eve Canadian sunset
Sister Landeen, Sister Tribe and the Elders

This is what Fallowfield looks like
 The best Putine she's had yet
 Beaver Tail
                                                    Service, harvesting garlic on a garlic farm

Sister Landeen and Sister Tribe