Monday, February 13, 2012

Val-em-times Day

So there I was, looking for a card to send my aunt in the SUU bookstore when all of the sudden I picked up a card that inspired me.  With Valentines Day just around the corner it would be perfect, but why spend 98 cents on something you could make for free?  

I like you a "hole punch."  The card I made for my valentine this year, with hole punch dots on the front in the shape of a heart.  It was accompanied by come choco-covered cinnamon bears in a cellophane bag with a ribbon.  I don't get much more crafty than that, and that's the truth!  

So since I was up for the weekend, and would be back in Cedar for the actual occasion, we celebrated V-day early.  The tentative plan was to make chocolate chip pancakes and watch Megamind in the BYU planetarium, but as the night unfolded it turned into this. 

God made hands before beaters.
Homemade oreo cookies complete with pink frosting
Just following googles instructions on how to cook lobster...
One hour later Alan peeled 5 potatoes
Learned that if you're cooking live lobsters the most humane way to do it is freeze them then toss them head-first into a rapidly boiling pot of water.  Also, lobster doesn't turn red until after it's cooked- before it's a nasty grey/brown color.

Told ya.

Aesthetically pleasing?

Check out that pinky form.  Sophistication at it's finest.

After dinner we tried to get into the planetarium, but alas we were locked out.  Professor Moody, aka Big Al's dad said according to the new policy the doors locked at 9:00- but if we were let in by someone already in the building we'd be golden.  However, the only people to walk past the doors were major sour pusses and wouldn't even consider doing a kind deed.  So we ended up going to my house in AF and watched it in the basement. 

Not quite as cool as the planetarium, but if that means I have a rain-check to cash in on next time I go home, I'll take it. 

So, happy Valentines Day!  I hope yours is as wonderful as mine was. 

Here's to you valentine.  I like you a "hole punch!"

Sydnie Juniper

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I always knew I liked the movie UP.  Last week I had an opportunity come my way and as I was trying to decide whether or not to take it, one of the first things that came to my mind was the phrase, "adventure is out there!"  Which hails from UP.

I decided to be bold and to take a chance, and boy am I glad I did!  The result?  The beginning of a fabulous adventure!  And even though I am hesitant to write about this on my blog, here goes nothing...

Meet Alan Moody... My boyfriend.