Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Best Team in the League

Good tidings, friends!

You know, I'm over three months old in this here mission of mine. How about that? That is 1/6th of my whole mission... 5/6ths to go, eh? In all honesty time has really flown by. I wake up in the morning and before I know it I wake up again the next. It's wild really. 

In between one alarm clock sounding to the next we are working really hard. I am training again. This time around my companion is Soeur Orozco from Houston Texas. I think she's a doll! The two of us together are dedicated to being obedient, creative, and dedicated. I'd say we're giving it our best shot, out there planting seeds all day every day. We love it. 

I had an interesting thought the other day, I think I'll share it with you. Why not? So, in my journal I wrote: "We are not here to teach- we are here to remind. People already know the gospel. We are here to remind them that they've already chosen to follow Jesus Christ." 

Keep that in mind the next time you might find yourself in need of a pick-me-up. When it might seem hard to follow Him, remember that you already chose His side. You were drafted for the best team in the league. You've got the best coach and fabulous benefits. You have every reason to be happy. 

That's the way I see it. I am happy. I am happy even when I'm not sure the roast beef was even cooked, when I leave an appointment smelling like alcohol and cigarettes, I am happy even if I only get one hour on the computer per week, and I am happy even if my companion does snore. I am happy because the Lord is in control, and I am better for it.  

I think of you all often, and I think of writing you back often as well... then I think of how you should all know I love you even if it does take two months for me to respond. 
Cheers and Miracles,

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Sydnie is doing well in Canada. She is staying in Montreal after transfers. Her current companion is headed home and Syd will get to be companions with her first 'Greenie'!
Last Monday for P-Day, her district went to go see some waterfalls. Here are some pictures of the trip.

 She's doing great and says she will hopefully write another blogpost soon. Until then, you're stuck with my tiny updates :)