Thursday, June 7, 2012

the summer bucket list



hike mount timpanogos

make a quilt 

learn to play tennis

float the provo river

learn to make jam/jelly

ride the ferris wheel

read books

drink a glass of skim milk

go to sliding rock

have a picnic on a round-about

make an epic music video

have a movie marathon

 watch fireworks from a rooftop

run a 5k

play a board game in ikea

share a box of otterpops with friends

feed the ducks at adventure learning land

take a picture with bailey at the "festival city usa" sign

sew something i can wear

*follow what gets crossed off and added by clicking the link on the right of the page*


  1. This list sounds so great and purely genius! I hope to be a part of crossing some off! Though...maybe not the skim taste buds shiver at the thought ;)

  2. BOLDNESS. yes! i love this.

  3. I'll help ya with the skim milk. I used to be a 2% gal myself, but it didn't kill me and it won't kill you either. As for the rest of the list, if ya don't mind hanging out with an old lady, name one and lets get going.