Thursday, July 5, 2012

things seemed right

i went for a run
and i did it on purpose
clouds threatening rain
extended quite an invitation

my feet meeting pavement
my mind feeling clear
the first drop fell 
a silly grin appeared 

just feeling in the present
not the past or future 
and things seemed right
in that moment

i turned the corner
i latched the gate
something made me linger
as i felt rain on my face

parked on the old doghouse 
beneath a crab apple tree
i slid to the left 
and each rung i reached

underneath the abandonment
blowing away the dust 
the old clubhouse 
somehow seemed perfect

housing nostalgia
meetings and make believe
memories of my growing up
illuminated my mind

the scars from skinned knees
huge glasses and an eyepatch
broken bones and that perm 
were just part of my definition

i would trade it for nothing
all a part of me
 a part of who i am today
and who i will be tomorrow

 crazy things happen 
from time to time
but things seemed right 
in that moment

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