Thursday, March 11, 2010


About a year and a half ago, my grandpa remarried a woman named Norma Day. Because she's not my real grandma, we call her Gran-Norma. Gran-Norma is a gem, and I love her.

(Gran-Norma, Me, and Grandpa Maynes at lunch on graduation day)

I think it was about three weeks, maybe four weeks ago, that she said something that has become very evident in my life this week. So, three/four weeks ago, my family was congregated in St. George for my cousin Andrew's mission farewell. On Sunday morning, sometime between everyone waking up, and taking turns showering, a few of us were eating breakfast in the kitchen. The day before my mom had gone to the store and bought some cereal, (the good kind, like reeces puffs) and they were an option for breakfast that Sunday morning. While we were pouring our bowls of cereal, Gran-Norma said it. She said, "thank heavens for cold cereal or else we'd all still have to eat oatmeal! And I would know, because I've eaten my fair share of oatmeal in my life, ICK!" At the time I just chuckled, because it was just another funny comment.

This week, I've come to understand. You see, it is the last week before spring break, so I've been trying really hard not to have to go to the store, a.) because I don't have tons of money to spend and b.)because I don't want to leave too much here over the break. I think this is understandable. So, under my bed I have one of those giant tupperware things, and it contains my food storage. Lately it's been looking mighty scanty, along with my cabinet in the kitchen. In neither of my storage locations do I have any cereal... but I do have two boxes of oatmeal. So, what's for breakfast? Oatmeal, of course!

(Breakfast 3-8-10)

Ok, so I've really only had to eat it twice this week, but I'm going to have it for breakfast tomorrow too, and I have the feeling that if I had to eat it every morning for longer than a week, it might start to ware on me. So here's to you, Gran-Norma, for speaking the truth, you are one wise woman!

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