Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moving up in the world!

Hellooo world!
So yesterday I went all the way up to Murray and back for a Presidential Ambassadors kick off. This meant about eight hours in the car total. While we were in the car, a lot of dismal conversation was taking place. We were dwelling on a lot of the negative things in the world, and it was kind of a downer, if you know what I mean. So, after talking about suicide bombers (I believe) my friend T.J. turned around and asked me, "so what's going right in your life?" I responded with something along the lines of, "well, I can't say anything too monumental is happening, but I can see a lot of little things that remind me of how blessed I am."

So, I've been thinking about what really is going right in my life, and I keep finding more things to be happy about. Most of them are little, but there are a few really big ones. For starters, yesterday I got both my tests back that I took before spring break, both of which I was worried I didn't do well on. Well, first I got my math test back, and with the added bonus points I got a 93%! The good news doesn't stop there, however. Next I got my French test back and I got a 91% on that one! What a relief it was to find out that perhaps my grades aren't as in the pits as they possibly could be.

That is just one thing contributing to my happy life right now though. One of the biggest things is this though... drum roll please... On Tuesday I signed a lease to live in a house next school year! It's a cute little yellow house just about four blocks West of where I live now. It has a porch bench, a big patio in the backyard, a basketball hoop, and on top of that my roommate is Chelsea, one of my favorite people in the whole world! But the real cherry on top is that I will be saving approx. $915.00 per semester by living there. Rent in the yellow house is only $205/month and if I average what I'm paying right now to live on campus, it's about $375/month. I am being swindled! After April, I, Sydnie Landeen will be swindled no more!
But wait, the good news is still coming. The best part about my life as of about an hour and ten minutes ago is that I found out I have a job next year! You see, I am going to be part of the Executive Council (E.C.) for Presidential Ambassadors (PA's) next year. My position is the Events Coordinator. Today I was talking to the current Events Coordinator and found out that it is actually a paid position/job. I'll be doing about 15 hours a week in the Welcome Center on Campus! Of course it probably doesn't pay as much as it should to match the amount of effort I will put in, but I'll still be getting paid to do something I was going to be doing for free anyway. So, needless to say I am beyond elated right now! I mean, sheesh, I have a job next year and I didn't even have to fill out one application. The Lord is looking out for me, and blessing me with tender mercies left and right.

So, needless to say, there are a lot of things going right in my life right now. Next school year is looking up. I'll be saving money, making money, hanging out with people I love, and getting an education all at the same time. Life is good, isn't it? :)

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