Sunday, January 15, 2012


We didn't become friends until the very beginning of our Junior year in high school, but these last five years definitely would not have been the same without her. It's not every day you come across a friend like Kimberly Ann Wright. 

The day after her wedding I drove back down to Cedar City.  That night I was going through a bunch of notes and letters I had kept.  I found the following notes from Kim:

More than anything, I just wanted to thank her for all the memories.  

Here's to: 
-That blood drive that first sparked it all.
-Blue Spitting Arrow Mock-a-sock Wednesdays. 
-Dad's that served in Bolivia. 
-Squitchy bums. 
-Uncle Willy, especially that time I rode in a 
rocking chair in the back. 
-Rubbing the caveman's knee. 
-2 buck Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point. 
-Freedom Academy.
-M&M Cookies vs. Goggles. 
-Breaking your bed. 
-Putting up the flag every morning, blazing heat or 
blistering cold. 
-Your valiantly protecting me from Millie, 
may she rest in peace.
-Temple trips. 
-Those rousing verses of Brat Pack that always put a 
smile on our faces.
-Going to dances in mumu's, and puffed sleeve dresses. 
-Surviving a dismal summer at 7 Peaks. 
-Floating paper boats in the ditch. 
-Making friends with exchange students. 
-Butt splinters. 
-The shark club. 
-Family birthday parties. 
-Sleeping on the deck, about to shoot Smoky, your cat. 
-Wiffle ball combined FHE. 
-Long trips to St. George. 
-"I feel like you're wiping my bum." 
-Learning to embrace your wavy hair. 
-Learning to embrace my quarter inch of hair. 
-Enjoying a nice tea party.
-Spending hours on end making posters trapped in marker fumes 
and covered in chalk.
-Picnics on roundabouts. 
-Pulling weeds talking about footsie pajamas and other things.
-Eating breakfast at IHOP in our footsie pajamas. 
-Convincing dance company and girls basketball to let us claim 
being their managers.  
-Playing lady cavemen bball in my driveway. 
-That time you actually told Brother Healy you 
wanted to take your nap pass. 
-Surviving gov and cit with the crappiest teacher ever. 
-Sipping sprite in the middle of the football field 
in the middle of the night. 
-Camping on top of the baseball dugout until the police came, 
all in the name of defending our turf. 
-Swedish fish actually being in the cupboard 
1/50 times you looked.
-The Mt. Rushmore mug. 
-The time you thought you lost my dog. 
-Apology cakes for Spencer. 
-Living in our SBO sweaters. 
-The talking pot, and the ridiculous woman known to 
man as Mrs. Belliston. 
-Learning to dance and performing in front of the entire school. 
-Coping with all our friends and their peeing their pants issues. 
-That time you painted my nails at lunch...
-Witnessing Kaycee take out Spence. 
-Sitting on the stand at graduation, and hearing your song played 
and sung to thousands. 
-Alchemy coffee shop. 
-The time you stopped in Cedar with Dedo on your way 
to a monster truck convention. 
-Wrestling matches.
-Driving the golf cart around AF. 
-Finding money outside Little Ceasars. 
-Making Rebsickles. 
-Sitting through tons of missionary farewells. 
-Getting asked to prom 3 days before. 
-Flashin' fruit punch. 
-Loosing our left shoes to Jensen and Sarah at lunch. 
-Ugly Christmas sweaters. 
-Shopping for hours so you could find an outfit like Reece. 
-Walking around SLC talking about Eric Peterson. 
-Sitting at the Tiki Shack in Cedar, taking a phone call 
and hearing Eric kissed you. 
-Waking up to a voicemail of you screaming 
-Being with you when you picked out your temple dress.
-Spending the whole entire day before your wedding with you. 
-Dealing with that giant zit on your forehead. 
-Cheering for you as you came out of the Mount Timpanogos 
Temple as Kimberly Peterson. 
-Wearing those ultra weird corsage things on my ribs.  
-Watching you dance with the man you'll spend the rest of your life with. 
-Waving as you drove away and started the next chapter of your life.  

And, there's so much more where that came from. 
Here's to a lifetime of adventures, memories, and friendship.  I love you Kim.