Monday, October 17, 2011


Last week I logged onto my SUU portal and made use of the new program called Degree Works.  I evaluated my remaining credits for my bachelors degree and found out that after this semester I only need 30 more credits.  30.  That is enough to finish in two more semesters.  One semester earlier than I had anticipated.  Cool, right?  Well, I guess so, but graduating early means making some major decisions that could have quite an impact on my future. 
Lately I've been asked by a lot of people if I plan on going on a mission.  I usually plead the fifth.  That is, because I don't know the answer to that question.  I turn 21 in August, but by that time, I might as well wait four months and finish my undergraduate.  But, I don't want to be one of those sister missionaries that went on a mission because they were done with school, weren't dating anybody, and didn't want to get a real job yet.  I feel like that is a very one-sided decision.  The truth is, I LOVE the Gospel, and I will go on a mission if that's what the Lord's plan is for me. I want it to be something we decide on together.  
Another thing that's been on my mind is graduate school.  I plan on going, I definitely want to get a masters degree.  I was talking to some dude who has two masters degrees the other day, and I asked him what his best advice would be to someone wanting to go to grad school.   He told me to never stop.  It is so much harder to go back to school than it is to keep pushing through.  I believe him, which means if I follow his advice, I should be taking a GRE Prep class next semester.  Then I should start being serious about picking out and applying to graduate schools.  Which scares me.  But, not only that, it might be a good idea to pick out a specific program to apply for... but that's only a minor detail, right? :) 
Or maybe I could just get a real job, and selfishly save all of my money to travel around the world.  
Or maybe I will join Peace Corps. 
Or maybe I could invest all my time in studying random facts and try-out until I get on Jeopardy.
Or maybe I can take up golf and start networking with the rich and famous and just become a celebrity groupie and live vicariously through them. 
Or maybe I will just become a nomad and backpack across the world.
The possibilities are endless really. 
I just need to actually choose one... 
Sydnie Juniper

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  1. If this is up for vote, Jon and I vote Jeopardy for sure!