Monday, May 10, 2010

Todays Top Ten

The top ten things on my mind as I blog this afternoon

I can't sleep all the way through the night anymore. This is due to a little thing I like to call "the troll factor." No, I am not afraid of trolls. Nor do I transform into one in the middle of the night causing me to lose sleep. The mere origin of "the troll factor" comes from the following happenstance. My house has three bedrooms, not including my parent's. I moved down to Cedar City to go to school, leaving my bedroom vacant. The vacancy, however, was filled not too long after by my little sister Hannah. Hannah and Jaclyn previously shared a room with a bunk-bed. When Hannah moved out of Jaclyn's room my parents got rid of the bunk-bed. The other bedroom upstairs was transformed into an office, therefore, becoming a bed-less-room. This left me a woman without a bed at home. What were my parents thinking? My mom thought it would be no big deal for me to share a bed with Jaclyn, and my dad thought I could just sleep on a cot in the office. What did I think of these ideas? I dislike them both, but I'd rather sleep with Jaclyn than on a cot for 3 1/2 months. My dad knowing of my skepticism toward his idea, thought it would be funny to clean out underneath the stairs (which I have been wary of since childhood), and set up a cot under there. So he did. He then took pictures and a video on his phone and sent them to me saying, "just set up your new room." This was the day I was in Zions and lost reception right after he sent them to me. This left me to fret over my new dwelling place, and being called Harry Potter for the rest of my life. I couldn't tell if he was joking or not, but I hoped he was. Luckily my dad isn't really that heartless. But, my mom told her cousin about the whole under-the-stairs ordeal, and now she calls me "the troll." Pleasant, I know. And, although sleeping with Jaclyn isn't as bad as a cot, I still quite dread going to bed every night because who knows if she's going to head-but me in her sleep, or completely push me off my side or not. It's quite unideal.
Tonight for FHE at the singles ward we're playing "wipe-out" aka dodgeball with toilet paper. I'm kind of excited. Singles wards are often talked about sourly, but I think that mine is actually pretty top-notch.
My best friend down at school, Josevy, got his mission call this past Thursday. He's going to Brazil! He's going to be a great missionary, I just know it. Also, he doesn't leave until September 22nd. Which means he'll be around when I go back to school this fall and we'll have a month to hang out again before he leaves.
Yesterday was Mothers day. Mothers day in the LDS faith means that if you have a missionary in your family he gets to call home. This is kind of a big deal considering they only get to call home on Mothers day and Christmas. Yesterday while we were at my grandparents two of my c ousins called my grandma. One from Idaho and the other from Sweden. I have about seven more cousins all accross the globe serving. My grandparents put the phone on speaker so we could all listen in. It was cool to here their voices and to know how excited about the work they were. The only downside to this is, if the missionary in your family was called to "the other side of the veil, mission" they don't get to call home. Considering that is where my brother Travis was called three years ago, it seems a little unfair that we didn't get a phone call. But, life isn't fair, so we keep our chins up and wait for the day we'll have something way better than a phone call.
I am going to work on developing talents this summer. Including learning to play the harmonica. But don't tell Kim, because I'm going to surprise her one day with a stirring rendition of Ol' Suzzanna. It's going to be epic.
I like getting mail a lot. I like it even better when it's not a bank statement or an invitation to the national honors society of colligate scholars. I like it best when it's a letter from a missionary, or a letter from anyone really. I have sent Trent Zimmerman three letters in the last five months and haven't got one measly letter back. I am mad. Jensen Hayter is another story. I gave up hope on him a long time ago. This week I got a card from Rexburg, Idaho. It was from two of my best friends who go to BYU-I. The picture on the front was of a classy old woman sitting in a lawn chair wearing a sunhat. The caption read, "My idea of exercise is a good brisk sit." Needless to say it made my day.
Speaking of exercise, I need to go running.
There is a song by The Carpenters that says, "Hanging around, nothing to do but frown. Rainy days and Mondays always get me down." I felt a little bit like that this morning, but then I remembered the primary song that says, "I want to my life to be as clean as earth right after rain." That made me happier.
I was almost right on time for work this morning. Only 48 seconds late. Boo-yah!
I just looked in the fridge and it's looking kind of bare, especially compared to my school one that was as packed as a camel crossing the desert at the beginning of a voyage to Mecca.

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