Monday, April 8, 2013

2 Months a Missionary

Calm down. It was only the half time show of the Mormon Super Bowl. No. Big. Deal. :)

I opened my inbox today and about passed away. Sorry that that means responses were few and far between. 

Now that that's been addressed, her's a little something to tide you over. I know, I know. That's like handing a starving homeless man a bag of airplane pretzels and hoping they'll survive. But, at any rate, be grateful for what is given to you! 

2 months a missionary! Has it been everything I thought it would be? Not even remotely. It's been a surprise around every corner and an adventure in every sense of the word. It's been hard, but what it really boils down to is that I'm happy. 

I'm serving in my first area Quebec City! My French improves on the daily and my love for the people increases at a rate to match. The people of Quebec are hard. to. teach.  BUT they are being prepared and someday they are going to take the "not" out of the "we're not really interested." 

I've had three companions so far- Sister Limburg, Sister Rojo, and Sister Berry. Companion life is something I knew I would struggle with from the get go. You know, with my spirit of independence and all... But despite getting used to constant companionship, I'd say that portion has been pretty great! 

My love for all things maple is developing, and I've pretty much got my "eh" down. Canada is pretty pleasant all in all, especially considering the snow drifts are slowly dying down. Sometimes I can almost feel the sunshine trying to say "hello!" 

I love what I'm doing. Each day I get confirmation that this is where Heavenly Father needs me. This Gospel is truly unique and I'm so grateful for the blessing of having it in my life! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is restored! What a glorious manifestation of God's love for us. 

As a missionary I do a lot of praying. Please know that you are in those prayers and always in my heart. Keep the love letters coming! 

Cheers and Bisous, 

P.S. My mom told me to put the link of the story on the blog so here's the link

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