Monday, May 28, 2012

It's a Paris Fling

Goodbye Paris, it's not going to work out between the two of us.  It's not you... it's me. 

Three weeks was the perfect time to have a little fling with Paris.  As charming as it all is when you take away the cigarette smoke, homeless people and awkward showers, in the end the truth is that I am just not cut out for heavy city life.  I did, however, enjoy my three weeks there immensely.  I have pretty well covered the first two weeks, so here I will catch up on (at least most of) the third. 

Monday May 21st Shannon and I had tickets to Disneyland Paris, or Euro Disney as it is also affectionately known by.  Having sufficiently psyched ourselves up for the occasion, we boarded our train.  With no shortage of excitement we had planned on spending the whole day there.  Unfortunately we had counted on the weather being a bit more cooperative.  We exited the train and it promptly began to rain.  We were determined to be optimistic because, well... when you're in the happiest place on earth, there aren't many other options.  Umbrellas in hand we carried on toward our first destination, Big Thunder Mountain.  Soon we decided the umbrellas weren't even worth it and commenced to get soaked, which lasted the more part of the day.  Would it be bad to say the best part of our adventure might have been when the restaurant gave us an extra order of chicken nuggets and french fries?  Anyhow, we returned home early and spent the rest of the evening thawing and searching the internet for ways to counter pneumonia.

That's us. In the middle. Poncholess.

Tink. Really? You're covering the coolest part of this.

Boo-yah! Free food!

 #1 attraction in the park, discovering it's name to be true.

Tuesday May 22nd, after school we met up with Jacques and Ariel and went to Pere LaChaise, a massive and old cemetery where several historic and iconic people are buried.  I woke up feeling a bit grouchy for one reason or another, but was determined to get over myself.  However, it wasn't as easy to get over the headache that had been throbbing behind my eyes for two days.  But, I put on a somewhat-content face and went about the day.  After all, I do have an affection for cemeteries for one reason or another, and this one was wonderful.

 Jim Morrison

Fredric Chopin

That night we went to a Debussy symphony concert in the Musee d'Orsay.  It was beautiful music, but such a strange setting.  There were no seats, so everyone just sat on the floor or found a statue to lean against.  We couldn't see one sip of anything, so we just sat and listened.

Wednesday May 23rd, Shannon and I decided to skip class.  We just couldn't make ourselves go, so we set out on a day of small filler things we had wanted to do.  This was our result:

Although the real sister statue was replaced by a plaque saying she was out being repaired, we found the one that's in National Treasure.  Neat.

The Bastille, which is a monument dedicated to the French Revolution.

We then took some time to go shopping for a couple of souvenirs, and got lost looking for one of the shops we had been in the first week.  No worries, we didn't get attacked by gypsy children this time.  Giving up, we then decided to hop on the metro and go to a sweet park (new-age French parks are way innovative and cool) and rent bikes.  After getting off the metro and about seven miles of walking later we still couldn't get the rent-a-bikes to work.  Feeling defeated we sat down with frozen carnival treats and people watched. Deciding a nap was in order, we headed home for the rest of the afternoon. 

After dinner that night Anne-Charlotte took us to see her #1 pride and joy, her garden.  She had been raving for 2 1/2 weeks about how crazy it was to have a vegetable garden in Paris, and how she was the president of her garden club. 

In case you were wondering, this is an insect hotel- she is so proud.

Thursday May 24th, was nothing special, up until dinner that is!  Determined to give us a complete French cultural experience Anne-Charlotte wouldn't let us leave Paris without eating frog legs.  After she came into our bedroom holding a dainty pair and made them do the French can-can, I was a little bewildered by the idea. 

They didn't end up having an extraordinary taste, just garlic and butter- which is what they were cooked in.  But still, exotic, right?

Friday the 24th was a perfect day.  It was my last day of class (in Paris).  Look at that eclectic class.  From left to right their respective countries are:

Korea, USA, Australia, Italy, France (professor), Korea, Brazil, Portugal, and Brazil

After school Cousin Day 2012 commenced.  My cousin Kevin Maynes who is stationed with the US Army in Italy came to Paris to see me!  Our epic day included:
The Catacombs
 Bones, upon bones, upon bones...



 Getting our street portrait drawn... Which will have to wait to be posted until my parents see it in real life.

 A quick stop by Notre Dame

 Eating escargot for our first time.

 Dancing to these guys in the metro.

And eating crepes along the Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Altogether it was a wonderful day!  It was so nice to hang out with him, somebody that I felt comfortable being a little less reserved around.  We filled the day with good conversation, funny jokes and reminiscing about growing up (which we both still seem to be doing). 

Let's just say Cousin Day 2013 has a lot to live up to. 

And, I'll leave it at that for now. 

Sydnie Juniper


  1. I don't know why, but I cannot stop laughing at your before and after pictures of the frog legs. It's totally creeping me out, but i can't stop laughing!

  2. great post syd! so glad you skipped class!

  3. Syd...your posts kill me! They're so great! I'm agreeing with the frog legs...I feel like they would suddenly start dancing haha. Love the post...the pictures...and you!