Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ladies... you need to be nicer!

I love my roommates... They are beautiful, fun, exemplary people. I couldn't ask for more.

As fabulous as we all are, we're all still extremely human and being such, we get a little overwhelmed. This is the case right now... Being overwhelmed we get a little sassy. Yesterday we were cleaning for hours on end, and we were getting kind of brutal. Suddenly Natalie said, "Ladies, you need to be nicer!" in a lovely sing song voice. It's true, we need to be nicer... The good news is, we only have two days of school this week, then it's Thanksgiving! So we only have to put up with the sass for two more days, then we get a chance to rejuvenate ourselves. Can I get a Hallelujah? Yep! HALLELUJAH! I am thankful for Thanksgiving break! I am thankful for my roommates! I am thankful for little things like being able to choose if I have pulp in my orange juice or not! Life is good, but life will be better next week after I've had a break. Amen.

Sydnie Juniper


  1. I am so glad that you are rooming with such lovely roommates! I can attest to four of them being lovely. You, Jamie, Natalie, Chelsea, and Teisha. Oh...I guess thats five.

    Anywho, love you all SO much! :)